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THE DO-THE-Thing Facebook & Instagram Ads PROGRAM
Feb. 10-March 16, 2020
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Course Schmorse. Let's Actually Run Your First Facebook/Instagram Ads Together.
We're going to set up your first major ads campaign, in your Ads Manager, with a professional walking you through every step in this live, 6-week Do-The-Thing Program.
Hands-on training
We are going to learn by doing, together.
By the end of this 6-week program, you will have your first major ad campaign launched into the world with the confidence it takes to make your ads even more successful over time, and I will walk you through how to do it in your Ads Manager, with your offer, with your business.
the problem
You may be tech-savvy, but this ads business is overwhelming. Like, you're-about-to-quit-and-run-screaming-back-to-your-crappy-9-to-5 overwhelming.
You just want to place an ad. That's it.
You have a burning passion to get your amazing, world-changing online business out there, and you know Facebook/Instagram ads can help you do it.

So you boost a post. No results. 

You try again.

You get a bunch of likes, but no sales. And the comments all seem to be in... Russian?

OK, OK. You finally admit that you probably don't know what you're doing.
So you look up tutorials.
You find some outdated YouTube videos, which are of no help whatsoever.

You try Facebook's Blueprint training, but who TF is Jasper's Market and how is any of this relevant to your online business? 

You buy a course that is 100 hours long, but they're teaching you how to be an expert at Facebook ads... and you'd rather eat nails than be an expert at Facebook ads. Plus, your back end doesn't look like any of the tutorials they have. You thought you were pretty good at technology, but this is a whole new level of bonkers.
So you search around to have someone else do it for you.
Trouble is, that agency just quoted you an astronomical amount of money you don't have to build your "funnel," whatever that means. You are bootstrapping your online business right now, not building a stadium, ferchrissakes.
Just do the thing
Whatever. You know you could do it. You just need some guidance.
Scratch that. You need more than just guidance.
You need someone to help keep it simple. To show you the things you need to know and ignore all the things you don't need to know. Someone who can make sure you're doing it right. Someone to look over your shoulder and Do The Thing with you. 

That someone is me. Hi.
the backstory
I'm Suzanne. I've been there. I've helped hundreds of clients wrap their heads around the Facebook and Instagram ads platform. I've heard all the stories. And I've got so fed up with the traditional way of teaching advertising that I'm here to do something about it.
As a Facebook and Instagram advertising specialist, I've seen too many of my clients come to me with horror stories — spending thousands on an agency with zero results, then trying to DIY the whole thing and flushing even more money down the toilet.

I love empowering my clients to take charge of their own marketing, but there are only so many hours in a day, and so many people facing the same problems.

So I looked for the ideal course that can teach the fundamentals without overwhelming people, but it seems like all the offerings out there don't have hands-on support, plus they're already outdated — even Facebook's own Blueprint training is outdated.
So I decided to create the perfect crash course.
I know people learn best when they are actually doing the work, on a project they care passionately about, like, I dunno, their own business.

And I know from experience that, while there are certain concepts that can be taught in a tutorial, actually doing the thing is the most important thing.

That's what I'm here to help you do.
Suzanne Yada
if this is you...
You have an online business but it's stuck
— You need a fast, low-cost way to learn ads
— You're ready to launch an ad this February
— You have some budget for testing your ads
It's a great fit for:

- Coaches
- Consultants
- Service providers
- Authors
- Speakers
- Online course creators
- Event planners
- Workshop leaders
- Retreat organizers
- Musicians/DJs 
- Artists
- Activists

...and anyone who trades their knowledge and talents for money.

It's not perfect for:

- Retail
- Ecommerce - more than 10 items in a store
- MLM/Network marketing
- App developers
- On-demand local service businesses such as plumbers, electricians, etc. where Google ads would be a better fit

...not that I don't love you all, but these business types require extra strategy that we will not cover in this program.
the benefits
Get low-cost training with world-class support, and get your first major ad campaign up and runnning fast.
bust through your stuckness.
No watching 100 hours of stupid tutorials. I will teach you everything you need to know, and nothing you don't need to know.
Learn from the expert - and each other.
You'll meet other businesses in the program and get to know what is working and what isn't for others in real-time.
You will walk away with clarity, confidence and excitement to show your offer to the world. Finally.
The Six-Week Do-The-Thing Facebook and Instagram Ads Program.
This program includes six weeks of freshly made, digestible tutorials, six live calls every Thursday, and a private Facebook group that will get you the confidence to take control of marketing your business. 

The ad techniques you will learn have given some of my clients 3x their return on investment — and some ad sets as high as 30x.
6 Modules
Each week you will have easy-to-follow video tutorials that I will record literally that week, to make sure you have the most up-to-date training on the Internet.
6 Live Q&A Sessions
Before you hit that big green Publish button, hop on the call every Thursday for live Q&A, where I can answer any burning questions, double-check your Ads Manager to make sure everything's good to go, and troubleshoot any issues you might face.
If you can't make the live call, we will also have a private Facebook group where you can ask any question you have at any time of day, and I or someone on my team will respond ASAP to your question. Plus, you'll get to learn about the other amazing businesses in the program, and hey, maybe network or do virtual karaoke together or something.
We're keeping it as simple as possible for you.
No more expensive agencies. Think of the return on investment you'll receive when you have the confidence to run your own Facebook & Instagram ads.
If for any reason you're not satisfied with the quality of the training, email me personally within 30 days of purchase and we will work out what needs to be fixed and issue you a refund.
you'll learn:
Here's what we will be covering during our six weeks together:
We will learn what this funny funnels business is, what retargeting is and why it's the number one thing most people get wrong, and which strategy would work best for your particular business.
Technical setup
I'll show you how to install the Facebook pixel into your website (you'll definitely want to do this before you spend a penny on ads), plus all other technical setup details you'll need to launch.
Audience targeting
The most common question I get is, who do I target? We'll go over exactly who to target and when, plus some extra features like lookalike audiences that you may not know about. And I'll make recommendations based on your business that I know have worked for clients in the past.
Ad copy, images and video
Certain words and images just plain work better with Facebook and Instagram ads. Plus, certain businesses will benefit a whole bunch with video. We'll go over what works, what doesn't, and review your ad creative together to make sure it's in good shape.
I will give you access to one of my super-secret spreadsheets, plus a funnel planner and profit projections tool. We'll decide what we can spend on this first ad (which will technically be a smaller spend to test the waters first). Then, we launch the ad!
Analyzing results
We'll take a look at the results of the ad you launched in week 5, and I'll tell you the numbers that matter and what you can safely ignore. Then I'll guide you through next steps so you can use your new advertising skills into the future.
The 6-Week Do-The-Thing Ads Program

To hire me for similar training one-on-one would be $1200 USD.

To hire an agency to do the ads for you,
it could be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 a month.
they say
Here's what some of my clients are saying about me...
"...more people signing up to our mailing list..."
Suzanne was SO helpful to us. We had been trying to boost our posts on Facebook to reach more people, but we really had no idea what we were doing. Every time we tried to learn more about effective Facebook ads, our eyes would roll in the backs of our heads. Not a pretty sight. Suzanne actually digs this stuff! And she's super great at it. Right after started to work with Suzanne, we started getting more people signing up to our mailing list. Suzanne is easy to work with, knows her stuff, and gets results. What more could you ask for? Oh, and she's not super market-y: She's grounded and real. Also a big plus for creatives like us. Highly recommend!

Z Egloff
"...helped me uncover the secrets..."
Suzanne is a very knowledgeable marketing guru who makes marketing accessible to musicians, event organizers and more. She has helped me uncover the secrets of Facebook and Instagram marketing and is a friendly and upbeat person to speak with. If you're looking for that "ah-hah!" moment in cracking the social media marketing code, I highly recommend Suzanne.

Catie Gutierrez
"...thrilled to be seeing as little as $0.02 per click..."
Thank you, Suzanne, for the highly actionable instruction and advice on targeting ads and building ad-audiences on Facebook. In terms of developing traffic for a public-interest news website, we were thrilled to be seeing as little as $0.02 per click for traffic direct to our website. We greatly value your insight!

Josh Wilson
" absolute pleasure..."
I would recommend Suzanne for Facebook and Instagram advertising again and again. Not only does she know her stuff when it comes to the inner workings of the ad platform, but she is an absolute pleasure to work with. We have worked closely together in my agency and I always think to myself how lucky her clients are to have someone like her on their side.

Andria Thomas
" one I know is more knowledgeable..."
I have sent dozens of clients to Suzanne – and many more members of the community I started for social entrepreneurs have used her. When it comes to Facebook ads, no one I know is more knowledgeable, reliable and accessible. I can’t recommend her any more highly!

Paul Zelizer
A terrific guide through the Facebook ads jungle!
The training is thorough and hands on, giving you the tools you need to take off on your own. I found the step by step training videos particularly helpful and I still go back to them when in doubt. As a mentor Suzanne is always supportive yet keeps you on track, a welcome and positive breath of fresh air. I highly recommend her and her training!
Deborah Henriksson
Singer and songwriter
...extremely knowledgeable in digital marketing.
Her Facebook marketing classes are easy to follow and very informative. I learned A LOT from her. The best part (aside from running a successful campaign) is that she is always there for you if you get stuck or don’t understand something. Anyone who owns a business and is thinking about launching their own Facebook ads campaigns, definitely needs to take this class first. It’s absolutely worth the investment... plus she’s just an all around rad chic, and a pleasure to work with.
Jackie Predmore
Predmore Design 
This program revolutionized my marketing plans.
The accountability combined with the knowledge allowed me to move my business and myself in ways I'd never considered and do it without fear of failure or waste. The group support and leadership gave me the gift of being willing to try. We are now taking off with all sorts of new ideas but they're targeted instead of chaotic.
Debby Williams
Feminist Utopia
Encouraging, informative and flexible...
Suzanne breaks down the tasks to be successful in reaching your advertising goals. Her down-to-earth communication style really helped demystify the technical terrain so I could progress.
DJ Hamouris
Musician and author
Deadline Extended:
Now accepting students through Oct. 19
The Six-Week Do-The-Thing Facebook and Instagram Ads Program
Here's what you'll Get in the program:
— Learn-by-doing community

— Live group training

— Lifetime access to video tutorials

— Real-time feedback and troubleshooting

— An ads budget planner

— Creative ad ideas

— Access to a private Facebook group - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions
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